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Conserve Your Print Credits!

Make sure to check printing account for available credits before printing.

If a document does not print, ask Lab Tech for assistance.

Pick up your print outs quickly, don't let them sit around in the trays where they can get lost or accidentally picked up by other students.

Please check all trays before printing a second document.

Always check your print preview! This will show exactly what will print. Watch for blank pages at the bottom of a word document, or single line URL address pages from a web page.

  • Click file (upper left corner) and then click print.  You will now see the print preview screen along with printing configuration options.

Always check the number of copies and number of pages you wish to print.

  • To print a certain page or pages inside a document. Look under Page Range Type the # of copies you wish under Copies

When printing a PowerPoint presentation print X number of slides to a page.

  • Go to, File and click print.
  • Under settings you have the option to choose between 1 to 9 slides per page.

Printing a PowerPoint presentation in D2L is different from in Microsoft application.

  • Right click on the slide. Scroll down to print preview.

When printing assignments from D2L be careful to always check your print preview to see if all your text will print.

Additional info:

  • Use a smaller Font if allowed by your teacher.
  • Make sure to Log Off computer when finished using personal account.
  • You have $10.00 printing credits for each semester. $0.05 per page; color printing cost $0.20 per page.

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