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FAQs: Application Questions

Q: How do I open a file on my disk?

Double-click on "Computer", then select the location of the file you would like to open for such as a flash drive or CD. Once located double-click the file name. This will launch the application and then open your document.

Q: How do I save a file?

Documents saved on the computer will be automatically deleted once you log off.

How to save a file:

  • Click "file" scroll down to "save as"
  • Click on the drop down menu at the top of save menu. Give the file a name
    • If you are required to save your work in rich text format click the drop down for "save as type" and choose rich text format (rtf).
  • Select computer on the left
  • Choose your location to save the file, either a usb flash drive or a cd
    • They're two different types of blank CD's; CD-R allow you to burn one time only, and CD-RW allows you to add and delete files.

Q: How do I use Digital Drop Box?

Your instructor might require that you submit written assignments that are saved as a specific file type into an assignment drop box.

To submit an assignment, follow these steps:

1. Open the Drop Box. Click the drop box in which the assignment is to be submitted.

2. Complete the Drop Box form. There are several fields to complete when submitting a drop box assignment.
    a. Add a title. Your instructor may have given specific instructions as to what to    use as a title, as the instructor did in this example.
    b. Message window. If the assignment is very short, your instructor might ask you to complete it by typing your answer(s) in the Message window. The window can also be used to provide further information about the assignment you are submitting.

3. Attach submission. Click the Attachments button to upload your completed assignment file. Pay close attention to the file type of the document you are submitting. Your instructor can provide instructions as to the type of file that can be submitted.


Q: Are there zip drives in the lab?

No, we no longer have zip drives available in the computer labs


Q. Why am I unable open .wps file in the lab?

Microsoft Works is not installed on any pc in any lab or classroom. Files created in Microsoft Works need to be saved in rich text format (.RTF) on the computer they are created to make them compatible with with office 2007.  However if you are using a computer with office 2010 installed you should be able to open your .wps files.


Q: What should I do if my computer freezes?

To keep data from being damaged or lost, please ask one of the lab staff for assistance.

Q: Can I convert Office old versions' documents to Office XP and vice-versa?

Older versions of Office are compatible with Office XP with the exception of Access. However, if you create a file in Office XP in the lab and want to open it in older versions on your home computer, you will need to save it as a rich text format .RTF for Office older versions to open it and vice-versa.


Q: What do these red and green lines under what I have written in MSWord mean?

The red wavy lines indicate a spelling error and the green wavy lines indicate a grammar error.

Q: What are the devices that look like a mouse pad? (Computers by the windows)

They are drawing tablets used in the computer graphics classes. They should not be used like a mouse pad as they are very sensitive and can be damage very easily.


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