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The Studio Program

Classes are offered in blocks of related subjects, and roughly the same group of students work together throughout their time at LCC. What is unique about the program is that at the end of each semester, you will perform in an actual public performance, not just scenes in a classroom. The goal of the Studio Program is to transfer students to a 4-year university. We have transferred students to UofM, MSU, WMU, as well as out of state universities such as UCLA, NYU, ASU and Roosevelt and DePaul Universities of Chicago.

All the Studio classes require special permission to enroll. This means that to enter the program, you must arrange an interview with Andy Callis, 517-483-1134, and commit to maintaining certain attendance and participation criteria. If you successfully complete this process, your name will be put on the approval list, allowing you to register for the Studio classes. Permission to enroll in subsequent semester's classes is granted to those who complete the current semester successfully.

In general, there are two types of classes that are offered within the Studio Program, from semester to semester. The first is a standard class that runs the full sixteen weeks, such as Intro to Theatre or Theatre History. The second type is what we refer to as an actual "studio class." These classes are tied to several other co-requisites, and consist of 11 weeks of actual class work, followed by 5 weeks of rehearsal leading to a production. Every Studio culminates in the production of a theatre piece!

Student Testimonials

"LCC Theater has an excellent program. Small groups of students combined with an excellent teaching staff helped me to focus on those areas I really needed to work on as an artist. I grew by leaps in the few years I spent in the Studio Theater program. They also helped me transfer to a college that was just what I wanted. The training I received helped me to jump in the pool at Columbia College ready to work. After graduating with a Bachelors, I immediately started getting work with various Chicago-area theater companies such as The Plagiarists, Caffeine Theater, and The Village Players, as well as a good deal of work with some not as well known companies. LCC provided a firm foundation for all my artistic endeavors, whether performing or acting. Thanks LCC!"
Jordan Hoisington, former LCC student

"What better way to start out in a career that involves so much than to start at a place that's very nurturing - that has a small class size, and that has instructors that actually care about their students - if you start out in a smaller place like this, you do build that confidence. I believe that LCC was the best starting off point that I could have asked for."
Sarah McComber, former LCC student

For more information, contact:
Andy Callis, Theatre Lead Faculty
GB 1256a

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