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Sign Language Interpreter FAQ

Will I be an interpreter when I finish this program?
The Associates in Applied Arts attests that a student has completed the program, but is not an interpreting credential. You will have to take and pass one of the credentialing tests available in the state of Michigan. The Year Three Professional Program focuses specifically on test-taking skills!

Is there a demand for interpreters?
Yes! the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics found in 2012 that job opportunities for interpreters and translators is expected to grow 42%, much faster than average, in the next decade.

Do I need a degree to be an interpreter?
Interpreters need to know a little bit about a vast array of subjects. The more classes you take, the higher education you have and the easier the interpreting process will become. Also, all interpreter credential tests require a minimum education level.

When are classes offered?
Year One classes are offered all times of the day and evening. Year Two and Year Three classes are only offered at night.

I need a different SIGN class schedule. Who do I talk to?
Any of the Sign Language Advisors.  They can tell you which classes are flexible and can be taken any time, as well as which classes are rigid and must be taken in order; or are only offered specific semesters.

Is it possible to complete this program with a 40-hour/week job?
Absolutely! Students do it every year, and many of our students drive long distances to come to LCC.

How do I get my SIGN credits from another school to transfer?
How do I test out of a SIGN class?
You arrange for a Skills Assessment. Sign Language Advisors are available to proctor Skills Assessments after any Sign Language Advising Seminar. The results of your test will determine your placement in our ASL classes, and if your credits will transfer.

When should I send my previous transcripts to LCC?
As soon as they are complete with a final grade reflected. If there are no grades for the SIGN classes, we can't accept those credits.

I have some credits to transfer. When will they show up on my LCC transcripts?
When you apply for graduation, we will do a check of your total institutional credits and will apply any SIGN transfer credits at that time.

Where will I get all those Practicum hours?
Year Two Practicum will be completed at various sites, depending on where you live. We have partnerships with interpreters, agencies, schools, hospitals, and Deaf community members in over 66 cites all over the state of Michigan.

Year Three Practicum hours will be completed mostly at LCC. You will be supervising the Year Two students in classrooms at LCC, or working in groups at the library.

What can I do for fun? Do you have a student organization?
We have the Sign Language Club (SLC), which manages all of our student outreach activities. Students sit on the SLC Board, and are in charge of managing:
            - Mentorship Program (advanced students are paired with beginners)
            - LCC Star Search (student performance interpreting)
            - Signers and Others for Deaf Awareness (social events)
            - Sip n' Sign (meets during the week to practice and use ASL)
            - Deaf Coffee Chat (community gathering in Lansing)

I just want to learn ASL. Can I take just the language classes?
Yes. Contact a Sign Language Program Advisor and tell them you're taking classes for personal interest, and you'd like an override. 

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