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What jobs are available for people who study music?

Musicians perform, compose, conduct, arrange, and teach music. They may work alone or as part of a group. They may perform before live audiences or on television or radio, in films, or in a recording studio.

Instrumental musicians play one or more instruments, in a group or as a soloist. Computer and electronic technology is increasingly used in creating music.

Singers use their own voices as instruments. They perform in many venues.

Many musicians supplement their incomes by teaching. Others teach as a full-time job and may play jobs occasionally. Voice and instrumental teachers work in all levels of education or may teach in their own studios. Many professional musicians give private lessons.

Composers write original music for instruments, voice, or both. Arrangers and orchestrators take a composer's work and transcribe it for various orchestra sections or individuals to perform. They prepare music for films, theatre, television, or recordings. Songwriters may write the words and/or music of songs. Many musicians perform their own work.

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