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All events are free unless noted otherwise. For additional information, please call (517) 483-1488.

The shows listed here are produced by LCC Performing Arts, or with the support of LCC Performing Arts. For information about other shows on LCC's campus that are not listed here, please contact LCC Conference Services at 517-483-9300.

Dart Auditorium is located at 500 N. Capitol Avenue. The Black Box Theatre is located in Room 1422 of the Gannon Building at 411 Grand Avenue. Follow these links for a map of LCC's Downtown Campus and Parking Information.

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6/20-24, 7 PM
Treasure Island
By L. Don Swartz
Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
Directed by Dr. John Lennox

L. Don Swartz sticks to the heart of the novel, capturing on stage all the drama and excitement of this beloved classic.

When an old drunken pirate, Billy Bones takes up residence at the Admiral Bow Inn, a rowdy seaside tavern frequented by pirates, sea hags and thieves, Jim Hawkins the inn keeper's young son, gains the key to a chest that holds the map to buried treasure.

Hawkins and friends set sail to recover the treasure and come up against the gnarly band of pirates led by Long John Silver.

Come join us for this family-friendly production!

Outdoor Ampitheatre
6/25-26, 6-10 PM
1403 Gannon Bldg.
7/13-14, 7-9 PM
AUDITIONS: Dead Ringer
1422 Gannon Bldg.
7/18-22, 7 PM
Victoria Martin: Math Team Queen
By Kathryn Walat
Directed by Paige Tufford

When wicked popular Vickie Martin joins the all-male math team, chaos theory becomes the rule at Longwood High School. Can this goddess of Pi possibly make the mathletes victorious? Totally.

"The biggest and best surprise of the season so far...puts the nerds next to the popular kids as they join forces to prove their worth to the world. Victoria Martin leaves audiences both laughing and cheering." -
Outdoor Ampitheatre
7/24-27, 7 PM
DANCE Lansing Summer Festival

This exciting annual event delights audiences with four nights of new choreography by a diverse collection of area choreographers and dancers. DANCE Lansing presents the latest in contemporary dance, and enriches performance and development opportunities in a supportive community for area choreographers and dancers.

The collaboration is founded by partners Happendance and LCC Performing Arts, and now includes associates Everett High School Dance Program, Greater Lansing Academy of Dance, Greater Lansing Ballet Company, Keys To Creativity Lansing Mall, Lansing Lugnuts, Michigan State University Department of Theatre, and MSU Orchesis.

Suggested audience: ages 6+, though concerts may run 90 minutes to 2 hours.
Dart Auditorium

Dates and events are subject to change.
Call 517-483-1488 for the latest information.

Want to take your place on stage? LCC offers associate degrees in theatre, music, and music industry, certificates in musicianship studies and music technology, and dance courses and internships. Courses can also be taken as electives for other degrees or transfer programs, or for personal enrichment. Call 517-483-1546 or visit for more information.

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