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Web Design

Also see, Graphic Designer, Computer Graphics Animation

Computer Graphics Web Design
What They Do:

A Web Designer combines type, graphics, animation, sound, and programming to create a complete experience for the Web visitor. The Web Designer should have a basic knowledge of all aspects of the site development and must learn to balance both the content and quality concerns with those of e-commerce. The Web Designer can write, code and create graphics, develop and organize content, build the structure of the site, and assist with interface issues. Web design is a cooperative process, and the designer may work with interface designers, marketing professionals, engineers, and computer technicians.

Who Would Enjoy It:
A career in web design is a good choice for a person who enjoys working with computers and developing innovative ideas that are a combination of both their imagination and information. A successful designer will have the ability to come up with unique but appropriate ideas and concepts for commercial purposes in e-commerce and informational web sites. An ability to combine design and programming skills a must.

What They Earn:
Web designers can sometimes work as freelancers, with widely varying hourly rates, depending on the region, but most range from $50.00 to $150.00 per hour. Web-masters may expect to have a starting salary ranging between $26,000 and 40,000 depending on their technical expertise, since scripting languages and HTML protocols are continuing to be upgraded and are changing at a very fast. Rates will also increase based on experience, knowledge and education.

How Many Jobs Available:
The outlook for employment in web page design and related occupations (web master, web maintenance) has continued to grow rapidly through the last half of the 1990's. With more e-business projects continuing, the future promises increased growth in the need for qualified web design professionals. Since the federal government has yet to classify Web-master in its dictionary of occupational titles, it is impossible to say exactly how many people are working in this young profession. Many web-masters are self-employed and work on a consulting basis, handling up to five different sites at any one time. It is not unusual for consultants to end up working full time for a company that initially hired them on a freelance basis.

How Much Schooling, Training, or Skill Development:
Entry into web page design is directly related to the evidence of skills displayed in a prospective employee's portfolio. Some employers require a minimum of a 2-year college degree for attainment of positions at certain levels.

Related Occupations:
Animation, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Architecture and Interior Design.

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