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Foreign Language Curriculum

Earn a Certificate in French Studies, German Studies, Japanese Studies, or Spanish Studies after completing 16 credits in the target language. The four courses required for the certificate also transfer to other four-year institutions and count toward other LCC certificates and degrees.

These certificates provide the beginning and intermediate level foreign language skills and cross-cultural information for students who are:

  • Preparing to transfer to a four-year college or university
  • Qualifying dual-enrolled high school or home school students
  • Seeking to reinforce professional foreign language and cultural competencies

To view degree requirements click on the degree title below.

Certificate of Completion


French Studies


German Studies


Japanese Studies


Spanish Studies


For additional information or to obtain a transfer guide, please contact the Academic Advising Center at (517) 483-1904, or email Students should also contact the school to which they will transfer for specific transfer institution requirements.

Course Offerings

French Studies Certificate of Completion

German Studies Certificate of Completion

Japanese Studies Certificate of Completion

Spanish Studies Certificate of Completion

FREN 121
FREN 122
FREN 201
FREN 202

GRMN 121
GRMN 122
GRMN 201
GRMN 202

JAPN 121
JAPN 122
JAPN 201
JAPN 202

SPAN 121
SPAN 122
SPAN 201
SPAN 202

Many of the foreign language courses are offered throughout the academic year and can be taken to upgrade current skills or fulfill degree and certificate requirements. Visit the Course Schedule and Registration page for information pertaining to courses available during a particular semester.

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