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Computer Info Tech Foundations Program

Our business-focused foundational certificates are designed to help you gain an edge in a variety of career fields. Our introductory certificates in Information Technologies Foundations and Computer Technology Basics cover basic key concepts, current technologies and practical skills that will help prepare you for entry-level work in information technology or equip you to communicate effectively with IT developers and technical analysts that you may need to interact with in a non-technical job.

Upon completion of either of these certificates it is recommended that you pursue either the Computer Support Specialist or Computer Networking and Cybersecurity Associate Degrees for additional specialization.

Who do you contact for more information?

Dan Rafail - 159.24 West Campus - - (517) 483-1598
Brendan Fleishans - 159.23 West Campus - - (517) 483-1352

Computer Information Technologies

Computer Information Technologies
West Campus, M103.4
Phone: (517) 267-6406

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