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Vision and Purpose

Vision Statement

Encouraging a highly educated community by offering a multitude of lifelong learning opportunities


  1. Who we are: CEWD is made up of diverse individuals, units, and departments who craft unique solutions for our students, businesses, customers, stakeholders and educational partners. We are collaborative and support the institutional mission at its highest level.

  2. What we do: We provide customized professional, convenient, accessible, and alternative learning opportunities for the Greater Lansing region, acting as a gateway to success for traditional and non-traditional students. Enhancing the College's academic mission, we ensure that all learners are offered an opportunity to thrive through access to education.

  3. How we work: We listen, respond, create customized solutions, and continuously improve. We support seamless partnerships with school districts and universities, local business owners, and community problem solvers. We seek market- and data-driven solutions.

  4. Why we are committed: So that we can make a substantial impact on the region we serve by building a highly educated community.

Extended Learning and Professional Studies

Community Education and Workforce Development
West Campus Room M105
Phone: (517) 483-1338
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