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Resume and Cover Letter Writing Presentation

(Provided by LCC's Career and Employment Services)

A resume is your opportunity to tell prospective employers about your relevant skills, abilities, and experiences - a chance to prove that you belong in a particular job more than any other applicant. The resume and cover letter may be your only chance to impress; so, you need to effectively sell your marketable/transferable skills by being creative and accentuating the positive qualities you offer.

What should a good resume do?

The resume's purpose should not express why the job is a good fit for you. Instead, your resume must focus on the employer's needs, in terms of filling their vacant position with the most skilled and qualified applicant.

An effective resume must answer the following questions (on behalf of each employer and their respective job opening): What can you do for the employer/company? What are the employer's needs, based on what you know about the position, and how can you solve these needs? Why should the employer spend precious time interviewing you? With so many people competing and applying for jobs today, employers are constantly looking for reasons to screen you out.

An effective, focused resume will determine whether it leads to securing an interview - which is the ultimate goal - or ends up being discarded in a recycle bin! A quality resume will not get you the job; but, it will give you an opportunity to interview with the employer, assuming it sufficiently addresses the aforementioned goals.

Video Seminar

Career and Employment Services (CES) has created an instructional resume writing presentation for your benefit. By clicking on the following link, you will activate a video that addresses the various resume/cover letter formats being used in today's job market. Most importantly, it provides informative tips and advice on how to make your resume catch the employer's attention, thereby convincing them to further consider your qualifications via the interview process.

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