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Networking Leads

Networking is a vital link to an effective job search. Write down those people you think might know people in your field of interest. They don't have to be directly related, but knowing someone who may link you to someone else can cause a chain-reaction.

Sit down and think about your roles in life and who you might know at school, former co-workers, friends, business associates, neighbors, alumni, church acquaintances who deal with many people that you have a relationship with, or even workshop participants. When you set up a meeting with your contact, always ask for a referral of someone they might know. When you introduce yourself to a prospective lead, use that person's name in the context of the conversation. If you can't speak in person, then leave an up-beat message on their voice-mail or drop an e-mail line. See if you can set-up an appointment to meet with them.

Once you have exhausted your list of contacts, begin to locate new sources for "cold" contact. Always try to locate the name of a prospective supervisor. Sometimes the personnel department, can lead you to a dead end! The sources for "cold" calling might include:

Brainstorm a list of possible employers.

Get on file with your college or public employment service.

Use a business directory to locate employers.

Use Internet job boards, list servers or chat rooms.

Use the Internet to locate company websites.

Read the classified ads.

Locate members of professional organizations.

Read professional trade journals.*

Phone contact a prospective supervisor

Contact temporary or private employment agencies.

Ask your Chamber of Commerce for businesses information.

Mail in your resume and cover letter.

Michigan Civil Service

Municipality Civil Service

* Professional Trade or Associations : you will find journals produced by associations, library directories of associations or listings of associations on Internet sites. For Lansing Community College library references refer to "The Encyclopedia of Associations: Gale Research Company, 3rd ed. ," Call ( # AS 22.E5 ).For the best connection to specific associations related to your career interest, locate the job in our software MOIS (Michigan Occupational and Information Service), which will then hotlink you to various associations.

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