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Informal Methods of Locating Job Opportunities

Most of the jobs which are available are not advertised! The most direct method that employers use is to network with people they know and trust in their industry.

Advertising, recruiting and using head hunters to an employer, is an indirect method of seeking job applicants. It takes up valuable time and creates a great deal of expense to screen and interview applicants. Yet most job seekers use this traditional method of using the employment ads to locate jobs. This makes job hunting extremely difficult, because most of the jobs posted are jobs which are low paying and hard to find employees. To make matters worse, applicants who only seek jobs in personnel offices are missing half of the jobs available, as most jobs today are offered by small businesses who may not have a personnel office. Therefore you must seek out jobs in an informal way at first. Try to find a job before it is advertised, or even before a job is open! This way you reduce the competition.


Create as many contacts as possible. The focus of these activities is not only to look for job openings but also to lead you to additional avenues for information.

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