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Job Search

Steps to a Successful Job Search:

Success is 10% luck and 90% hard work. We wish you success in your job search!

To be successful you must not only develop skills that enable you to perform the job of your choice, but also learn job search skills. There are other job candidates who are as qualified as or perhaps more qualified than you. How can you compete effectively?

The difference between getting a job offer or not getting a job offer is that the successful person does some little thing, that no one else does.

Because communication is so vital in a job search, don't just "wing it." Plan your approach, think through a strategy and then rehearse. Great athletes prepare for success by simulating the actual event. Similarly, successful job hunters practice doing what will win them a job offer, such as writing effectively, speaking coherently and demonstrating positive personal characteristics, work traits and attitudes. Remember that the way you conduct your job search indicates your ability to do a good job. Show the employer the quality of work you are capable of doing by developing an effective presentation of yourself. Take the time necessary to prepare yourself well and your job search efforts will pay off. There is more to getting a job than just education and/or training. Your course work can open many doors, but it is up to you to get the employment or internship you desire. There are several approaches to a successful job search.*

So plan your approach using the essential steps below:

  1. Make the commitment to work full-time in acquiring your job.

  2. Plan your approach to finding a job.

  3. Know your skills, values and interests.

  4. Research employers.

  5. Develop a prospective list of employers.

  6. Contact the employer.

  7. Follow-through to inquire about the status of your employment

Use the Riley Guide, which was developed by Margaret Riley Dikel for more ideas on job searching.


The LCC Library website contains a variety of research databases. From these databases, job seekers can glean company / organization / agency, financial, community, and other information that is very beneficial to have during a job search.

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