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Preparing for the Interviewing Process

Show Your Enthusiasm and Likeability:
Be prepared to explain and be proud of your achievements. Employers want to hear about accomplishments. Have a 30 second "commercial" in mind about yourself. Employers want to know you will do the job, so let your enthusiasm show! They are going to ask you to "tell them about yourself." If you are asked this question, then:

  • Summarize your work and educational experience.

  • Specify three specific skills you have and enjoy doing.

  • Be warm, engaging and friendly. (smile ! )

  • Show that you care about other people.

You will also want to keep in mind areas you feel a need to improve. Be confident but do not act like you have all the answers. Infallibility impressions can turn-off an employer who suspects self-centeredness.

Be Able to Talk About Your Transferable Skills:
Besides your attitude and an introductory overview of your skills, employers will want to make certain that you have specialized knowledge and transferable skills. Directions : to give specific examples of achievements to demonstrate the top qualities employers seek :

Managing People and Tasks

A constant development of plans, re-assessing situations, negotiating, influencing, providing leadership, considering ethics, handling conflicts and evaluating.

Communications Skills

Being proficient in verbal and written communication by being relationship sensitive, knowing how to prepare documents, giving ideas and having quick knowledgeable responses

Mobilizing Innovation and Change

Having an ability to be creative and take risk, accept consequences, motivate, guide, have vision and be open-minded.

Managing Oneself

To maximize one's ability to deal with uncertainty, analyze problems, knowing one's strengths, organizing, time management, updating skills and taking responsibility.

Practice In Handling Possible Interview Questions:

Be prepared to answer a variety of questions on your educational background, character traits, management ability, career objectives, suitability for the job, specialized knowledge and salary.

For additional practice in interviewing see Pam Pohly's Net Guide or, Career City: Interviewing.

For Wage Trends use America's Career InfoNet.

To calculate comparable salaries for re-location, refer to Salary Wizard or the International Salary Calculator.

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