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When you have an interest in something, it usually keeps you enthusiastic and motivated. Think about the times you were totally absorbed in something and the hours seemed to move fast. Notice when certain subjects or courses sparked your enthusiasm!

  • What things, people, or projects always capture your attention?

  • Do you notice at work that there are certain things you will do more quickly and enjoy more then others?

Are there patterns of interests throughout your life? Do they keep recurring? Are there certain activities you prefer? If so, then it is possible your interests can be characterized into a personality career theme.

A theory devised by Dr. John Holland says that "Birds of Feather Flock Together." This means that certain people, with certain characteristics, function more appropriately in certain jobs. These characteristics can be reflected in a personality theme. He found six categories of various career themes as indicated by the answers to the question below.

Are you a physical and hands-on person?


Are you scientific minded and analytical?


Are you creative by nature and strive for self expression?


Are you a very social person?


Are you usually negotiating, managing or persuading people to do something?


Do you like routine and precise jobs?


Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D., the author of "Career Key," provides you with some immediate examples of career interests. He has devoted his life to career decision making and is recognized frequently for his work with the American Counseling Association and creating the nationwide accreditation for university counseling programs known as C.A.C.R.E.P.

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