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An Introduction of Self Assessment

Personality | Values | Interests | Skills | Summary

Continue this self assessment with the links below, begin with the Tool Guide and follow the sequence of assessments until you complete the Summary.

  • Is your job satisfying?

  • Is there a good fit between you and your job's requirements?

  • Could your current job duties be altered to satisfy your needs?

Many times jobs you've had are a result of a friend's or family's advice. Maybe you needed an immediate job and took the first one available. Sometimes it's easier to stay in a unsatisfactory job for economic reasons. Wouldn't it be fairer to yourself if you loved your work?

  • Making a good career decision comes when you assess yourself by matching your needs, personality, beliefs, values and skills to fit the characteristics and requirements of a job.

  • You are a unique person take the time to analyze your current situation and who you are. The main goal in career planning is to determine a good fit between who you are and what the job requires.

Directions: Use the assessment form below to analyze your current work situation. For example: "Are you in the right job?" "Are you in the right career?" "Are you working with the right group of people?" Then use the other assessment forms below to evaluate your qualities and your interests which involves personality, values, interests and skills. Print these out.

Evaluate Your Current Educational or Job Situation

What are the benefits and drawbacks of your
employment situation?

Present job or education job path

Positives (+)

Negatives (-)

How well is this job or educational goal meeting your needs?

Evaluate Your Past Educational or Job Situations

What are the benefits and drawbacks of past employment situations?

Past job or educational paths

Positives (+)

Negatives (-)

How well did these jobs or educational goals meet your needs?

Evaluate Altering Your Current Job

How could change effect your situation?

Possible changes

Positives (+)

Negatives (-)

Do you think you need a job change or a career change?

Career Counseling Career Model

Self Assessment

Career Information

Integration and Decision-making

Planning and Action

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