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Impact of Career Decisions

Self Assessment Results vs. Requirements | Weighing Risks | Feelings about Decisions | Impact

Our career decisions affect other's lives, because we are all connected. As you get ready to enact your decision, think about how this decision will create changes in your life and the lives of loved ones. Will you need to lower your standards of living to pay for tuition costs? Will the move toward a new career draw away from your time with your family?

These things are sometimes hard to predict, but most worries can be worked out if communication is open and honest. Share with your loved ones your need for some changes and tell them how things might be different. Understand that the stress in your life may increase and allow yourself outlets of personal time, as well. Sometimes preparing for a career change in life calls for a mental housekeeping by eliminating self-defeating behaviors and old unhealthy thoughts about yourself, which interfere with your success. Consider talking about your schooling, work and family transitions with a good friend, a counselor, an advisor, fellow students or career counselors. If you are having problems, consider taking self-development classes giving yourself both the academic and psychological tools to succeed. Allow yourself plenty of time to adjust to new studies, or a new job. Major transitions in life may take months or even years to adapt to. Do not forget to reward yourself as you work with the new commitment in your life!

4-Step Career Planning Model

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