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Feelings About Career Decisions

Self Assessment Results vs. Requirements | Weighing Risks | Feelings about Decisions | Impact

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, determined alternatives and weighed the evidence of particular career options, it's probably time to decide which alternatives provide the most gain, for the least amount of change. After you have rationally weighed each career option's negatives and positives, make sure your heart is in it.

Make sure you are not making decisions based on a dependency to a parent, friend, spouse or authority. Weigh how your decision might effect others, but also how you feel about this decision. Do not let your fears guide you. It's important to have a good understanding of the sacrifices that need to be made and if you feel and think you are committed to your decision. Remember that important decisions in life require some risk, even avoiding a decision has an outcome. Most decisions in life are not irreversible. If you have made a mistake selecting a major or determining a career, corrections can always be made. Each career decision is ultimately in your hands, as you carry it forth every day in your work. Be as certain as possible if it's a choice that will make your life happy.

4-Step Career Planning Model

Self Assessment

Career Information

Integration and Decision-making

Planning and Action

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