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Matching Needs to Career Requirements

Self Assessment Results vs. Requirements | Weighing Risks | Feelings about Decisions | Impact

  • Do you understand yourself in comparison to a career's requirements?

  • Have you weighed the risks involved in each career option?

  • What is your decision making style?

Career and employment decision making is a highly personal process. It involves the integration of one's academic background and desires, psychological and external needs, work history and community, or family involvement with labor market trends. Before you leap into a career, make sure you have taken the time to evaluate yourself, your situation and researched career information thoroughly. Making career decisions is exciting and beneficial in promoting personal happiness and satisfaction. It can be a life decision that adds tremendously to one's purpose in life, or it can be a lifelong growth process, changing and evolving with time. Today most people will make several career decisions and hold numerous jobs with several companies, institutions or firms. The opportunities are enormous!

"Putting the Career Decision Pieces Together"

Directions: Below is a list of questions that you may find helpful in determining the essential factors that effect your specific career decision. Print this page or write in the spaces provided.


Why are you making this career decision? Have your priorities changed? Do you want to change jobs?


Who or what circumstances are influencing your decisions (i.e., physical, psychological, monetary, parental, family, health, capabilities)?


What is important for you to pursue at this point in your life? What are your most important values?


What do you want to accomplish through career planning?


What type of environment or work circumstances would provide you with a satisfying work life?


What parts of your personality are important to be expressed often in your work environment (i.e. imaginative, energetic, persuasiveness, gentleness, decisiveness, explorer, etc.)?


What adaptive strengths and marketable skills can you rely on in the workplace?


What role do you want to play in your work environment (i.e., leadership, supportive, entrepreneur, team orientation, independent)?


What specific time frame do you have for carrying out your career decisions?


Are there some short-term skill areas you could immediately improve? If so, how?

Consider these preliminary questions and others in evaluating your career options. The next step in the process includes a diagram to further help you "put the pieces together." This will assist you in analyzing and comparing what you personally need from work against the requirements of various job choices.

4-Step Career Planning Model

Self Assessment

Career Information

Integration and Decision-making

Planning and Action

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