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Trends in Specific Fields

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Specific fields within industries and services could include such popular career areas as business, health care, hospitality, legal services or environmental fields. In any one field you may discover a vast variety of majors to study.

Take for example the environmental field, this could include; agriculture, biochemistry, toxic waste, parks and recreation, forestry, fisheries, wildlife management, entomology, horticulture, botany, zoology, resource development, genetics, crop and soil science, geology and microbiology. Any one of these majors could lead to dozens of jobs. This fact creates some interesting career paths, but it takes time and patience to understand this kind of information. Below are a list of college majors which are currently in demand for four and two year degrees, or a certificate of achievement:

College Majors in Demand: 4 Year Degrees

1. Finance

6. Management Information Systems

2. Computers

7. Electrical Engineering

3. Accounting

8. Computer Engineering

4. Business Administration/Management

9. Marketing/Marketing Management

5. Mechanical Engineering

10. Economics

* In 2012, the National Association of Colleges and Employers list these majors, as the Top 10 Bachelor's Degrees for the College Class of 2013.

LCC College Majors in Demand: 2 Year Degrees and Certificates

Computer Information Systems

Legal Secretary


Travel Agent



*Radiologic Technician

Food and Restaurant Management

Medical Records Technician

Surgical Technician

* The American Hospital Association reports a 13% to 20% shortage of nurses to fill nursing jobs. Vacancy rates for radiologic technicians is severe, as x-ray exam rates have increased some 130% in the last three decades. This is in direct contrast to decreasing enrollments in both programs since 1994. Career Opportunity News, September 2002.

Krannich, Ronald. (5/99). Career Magazine. 30 Fastest Growing Occupations.

4-Step Career Planning Model

Self Assessment

Career Information

Integration and Decision-making

Planning and Action

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