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What if you have an idea that you are interested in biology and you'd like to be a wildlife biologist? In addition to reading career materials about the wildlife biologist, it might be helpful to read about other careers relating to wildlife management, which could include a conservation officer, park ranger, zoologist, geneticist or veterinarian.

If you take the time to do this kind of research then you have options which have relatively similar core requirements, such as chemistry, biology, math and physics. For a list of some of the jobs most in demand, refer the list below:

Fastest Growing Careers: Seventy-five percent of the fastest growing jobs with high earnings will be service, computer, managerial, executive and professional, which are reflected in the jobs in the following URL:

Self-Employment: Most job opportunities involve creativity artistic expression, such as, designers, writers, photographers and architects. Refer to Lansing Community College's Small Business and Technology Development Center to help you develop business plans.

Emerging Careers: New occupations will center around information, energy, high-tech, health-care and financial industries. Such occupations could include a benefits analyst, fiber optic technician, hazardous waste technician, image consultant, relocation counselor, information broker, retirement counselor, water quality specialist and robot technician.

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