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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I log in to Argos?

Please reference the 5Star knowledge base article here: LCC Argos log in information

I am not authorized to view a report in Argos. How do I gain access?

Please reference the 5Star knowledge base article below depending on the type of report you are attempting to access.

Student - Gaining student Argos report access
Employee - Gaining employee Argos report access


IDEA Course and Faculty Evaluations

When will the course and faculty evaluation for the course I teach be available to students?

Full semester course and faculty evaluations are typically available the last four weeks of the semester. For specific dates, check the CTE teaching and learning resource page here: CTE IDEA Resources.

If your question is regarding a course that does not run the length of the full semester, please contact the Center for Data Science at CDS Main Email.


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