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Frequently Asked Questions

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CDS Operations
Blue - Student Course Evaluations
General Assessment Questions
Program Review
Institutional Review Board (IRB, HSIRB)


CDS – Operations

What services are provided by CDS?

CDS provides analysis, interpretation, and effective presentation of data for data-driven decision making. We collaborate with all areas of the college to support its mission, enhance planning and evaluation activities, encourage effective college resource use and support continuous improvement initiatives to better serve students. Examples include:

  • Data collection and analysis methodology
  • Grant Support
  • Predictive model of development
  • Required external reports summaries
  • Statistical analysis
  • Survey design, development and administration
  • Student learning assessment

How do I submit a data request?

  1. Please download the CDS Request form
  2. Fill out the form, making sure to include requester contact information.
  3. Email the completed form to the Center for Data Science main mailbox at
  4. You will receive a 5Star Ticket notification that your request is being processed and will be contacted by a CDS team member regarding details of your request.

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I have an Argos question, who should I contact?

Is there training available for Argos?

  • Yes there is a fifteen minute LMS training.
    • Log into you myLCC Account, Work Tab
    • Employee eToolbox
    • Talent Management System (LMS)
      • View Transcript
        • Search for Argos
        • ARGOS – Training
        • Request

How do I log in to Argos?

Please reference the 5Star knowledge base article here: LCC Argos log in information

I am not authorized to view a report in Argos. How do I gain access?

Please reference the 5Star knowledge base article below depending on the type of report you are attempting to access.

The report I want to use has a yellow banner across the top that says “Under Review – Contact the Center for Data Science with any questions.” What does this mean?

This banner indicates that the report has not gone through a formal review process. While many of the reports existing in Argos have been in use for a while and are unlikely to have critical issues we cannot verify the integrity of the reports or their data without this process. Reports with this message should continue to be used as normal and once formal review and documentation has taken place, the warning will be removed.

My OLAP is not working?

Most OLAPs are not created in a way that enables the “Argos Web Viewer” option. When you first login to Evisions (after clicking on the Argos Link in your myLCC work tab) you will see two choices. Choose the “Argos” option, not the “Argos Web Viewer”. Your OLAP should now work. If it does not please contact us at and we can work with you to get your needed information.

Note: If you are asked to download eLauncher so that you can use Argos please do so.

Argos Screen Shot 1
Figure 1: Choose the "Argos" option

What is the difference between the “Argos Web Viewer” and the other Argos option?

Once you have logged onto Evisions, you will have a choice to run the Argos Web Viewer or Argos.

Argos Screen Shot 2
Figure 2: Two Options for running Argos

Which option you choose is dependent upon the reports you are planning on running. Some of our LCC reports have been formatted to work with the web viewer. However, there are many reports that are not web-enabled and they will not work on the Argos Web Viewer option. For example: most OLAP reports cannot be run unless using the Argos option.

It is up to whichever developer/department creates the report to enable the web viewer. CDS does not have authority over report creation, we are simply heavy users of them.

If you are having problems please contact the Center for Data Science at for help.

How do I request a new Argos report?

ITS creates new Argos forms. You can request a new report by going to the 5Star Service Center. Argos Report Request.

Before you create a new form be sure you have searched for existing ones. If needed please contact CDS at for help.

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Blue - Student Course Evaluations

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General Assessment Questions

What is CASL?

The Committee for Assessing Student Learning is a Standing Committee of the Academic Senate to provide leadership and support to assist faculty and staff in their efforts towards continuous improvement of student learning outcomes.
This CASL Website link will provide more information about the Charter, membership, meetings and reports.

Who do I contact if my assessment question has not been answered here?

CASL Membership and Karen Hicks from the Center for Data Science will work with you to answer your assessment questions.

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Program Review

What is Program Review?

  • Each academic and CTE program area participates in a comprehensive Program Review occurring every four years. Program​m Review is designed to explore multiple components of each program of study to provide well-rounded insight into the strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • During each review data is provided to each program area, which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Surveys of recent graduates, leavers, current students, and advisory committees
    • Student success data, such as retention, graduation/transfer, and success rates​
    • Real-time job posting and employment data
    • Student learning assessment data
  • The Program Review data, self-study, and action plans are reviewed by a support team that collaborates with the program area before, during, and after the review.
  • The Program Review process leads to an annual improvement plan that must align to the self-study and the strategic plan of the institution. Program faculty and CDS work together to create a monitoring and evaluation framework for each plan. Plans are annually updated by program area Associate Deans and are reported and reviewed by the Provost Cabinet.

How will I receive information about Program Review?

Information is delivered via SharePoint. You will be sent an introductory email from Academic Affairs letting you know that your program review is upcoming.
Go to the LCC Interdivisional SharePoint Site and choose Program Review to get there. You will see folders for academic year, open the year you are working on then you should find another folder for your program.
Subfolders in each Program area will contain documents needed to complete your review.
You may need site permissions to access some of the information. Contact Academic Affairs, to discuss.

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Institutional Review Board (IRB, HSIRB)

Link to LCC HSIRB Website

What is an IRB?

The Lansing Community College Institutional Review Board (IRB) exists to protect the welfare of human subjects involved in research at LCC.
The college's IRB approval is required prior to conducting research involving human subjects at LCC, for LCC, and/or with LCC students and/or employees.
Please note that additional approval may be required by the division or department head prior to beginning your research activities.

Do I need to get approval from the IRB?

IRB approval is required anytime human subjects are involved in:

  • Research that is a systematic investigation (including research development, testing, and evaluation), designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge to a larger group.
  • Research conducted, supported, or funded by federal, state, or local agencies or otherwise supported by an agency not affiliated with Lansing Community College.
  • Research in which the intent is to disseminate the finding(s) to a scientific audience (national, regional, state, local, or college meetings, conferences or presentations) or submit the results of the investigation to a scientific publication, electronic journal, or internet posting.
  • Research that involves private information, or biological or pathological specimens that can be linked to an individual.
  • Research involved with capstone/thesis research projects or independent class projects.

IRB approval may not be required anytime human subjects are involved in:

  • Course-related activities or assignments for educational teaching purposes that are part of the course and the information collected is not disseminated for use outside the classroom (e.g. labs, projects, class exercises). The assignment can include a presentation of data collected to the class, but the data must be destroyed at the end of the project.
  • Data collection for internal department or other college administrative purposes (e.g. course evaluations, employee and/or student satisfaction surveys).
  • Surveys issued or conducted by college employees for the purpose of improving services and programs of the college, or for developing new services or programs for students, employees, and/or alumni.
  • Informational gathering meetings, interviews, or surveys that focus on college processes, services, or policies (i.e. quality improvement and quality assurance surveys) unless clear intent is for generalizable knowledge.
  • College evaluations that are conducted under independent contract by an external agency for internal college purposes only (e.g. employee studies, customer satisfaction surveys, cost-benefit analyses, program enrollment, constituent demographics, and outcome analyses).

If you are unsure if your research fits into any of these categories contact the HSIRB at Someone will get back with you shortly to discuss your specific project.

How much time do I need to allow for this IRB process?

Best to plan on 2 to 6 months.
Process includes:

  • Training in research
    • A Certificate of Completion is required from all applicants for research approval.
      • Dated after January 20, 2019 (when the Final Rule went into effect)
      • And within 3 years of the application date.
    • Training options include:
  • Apply using the Proposal to Conduct Human Subjects Research document found on the HSIRB website
    • Be sure to have all required reference documents attached to the email or enclosed with the mailed proposal
      • Informed Consent
      • Research Design/Protocol
      • Survey/interview questions (if applicable)
      • Other documents that may apply (recruitment brochures, rubrics, etc.)
      • Departmental conditional approval plan or department letter of approval to conduct research on LCC students or employees.
    • Contact if you have questions filling out the form.
  • Proposal is reviewed
    • Some proposals may be able to be expedited
    • Some proposals will need to be reviewed by the full IRB and discussed at their public meeting. See calendar on the HSIRB website for meeting times.
    • Researcher will be sent an initial email letting them know their proposal has been received and follow up emails to discuss what review is required for their project and questions/comments as needed.
  • HSIRB approval given/rejected
    • If approved an official HSIRB letter will be sent to the researchers
      • Please note that additional approval may be required by the division or department head prior to beginning your research activities.
    • If rejected HSIRB will send an official letter explaining further steps that can be taken by the researcher.

What’s an HSIRB?

HSIRB is the same as an IRB. The HS stands for Human Subjects and is used to emphasize the priorities of the IRB.

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