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Management and Marketing Program: Career Facts - Sales/ Marketing Specialist

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Sales/ Marketing Specialist

What is a sales/marketing specialist?
Sales/marketing specialists, or sales representatives, sell products to wholesalers, retailers or consumers, usually on a commission basis. Unless employed in retail, they call on customers, demonstrate their products, point out salable features, answer questions and forward orders. Some sales representatives sell services rather than products. Retail sales offers good job prospects, with many job openings available each year. Manufacturer, wholesale and retail sales agents show faster than average growth in the coming years. Opportunities for services sales representatives and financial services sales representatives are growing at a dramatic rate.

What types of skills are required?
Skills in communication, buyer behavior, human relations, business management, accounting and economics are required for positions in sales or marketing.

Where are they employed?
Sales/marketing specialists may work in a variety of manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing environments. Many work in the service sector of our economy as well.

What certificate and degree is available?
A certificate of achievement is available in Field Sales/Marketing and an associate in business degree program is offered in Field Sales/Marketing.

What is the salary range?
Locally, salaries vary because many salespeople work on commission. Nationally, sales representatives can expect annual earnings starting at $10,000 and increasing to as much as $320,000+ with extensive experience in technical sales or sales management.

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