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Management and Marketing Program: Career Facts - Labor Relations Specialist

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Labor Relations Specialist

What is a labor relations specialist?
Labor relations specialists are involved in advanced, professional assignments related to planning, negotiation and administration of labor contracts. This occupation requires complex knowledge and judgment of established methods, practices, procedures and policies.

What types of skills are required?
Skills and knowledge in collective bargaining, dispute resolution, personnel rules and practices, contract negotiation, research and data interpretation are required.

Where are they employed?
Labor relations specialists may work in a variety of larger businesses and organizations. Many find employment with labor unions and government agencies.

What certificate and degree is available?
A certificate of completion is offered in Labor Relations. An associate in business degree program is available in Personnel/Labor Relations.

What is the salary range?
Locally, labor relations specialists can expect a starting salary range of $18,000 to $23,000 per year. Nationally, these specialists can expect annual earnings starting at $18,000 and increasing to as much as $60,000 with extensive experience and responsibilities in larger organizations.

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