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Arts and Sciences Building

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LCC unveiled the newly renovated Arts & Sciences Building in Fall of 2013. The renovations resulted in a facility equal to or better than any in the nation for the teaching of science at the undergraduate level. The investment increased the number of science classrooms, general education classrooms, and chemistry and biology laboratories.

The building, originally designed to serve students in the 1960s, has become a flexible, learner-centered space that encourages both formal and informal interaction between students, faculty, and academic areas. It is an active, engaging, immersive place of teaching, learning, and personal growth that meets the college's current needs and anticipates future needs.

In order to appreciate the changes, visitors are encouraged to experience the new learning environment and take a tour to see its many features including:

  • The Learning Commons where students study and receive tutoring. The bright, comfortable space has wall monitors students can plug their laptops into and writeable surfaces. The space features two large fish tanks - one saltwater, the other fresh water.
  • Writing Studio, open six days a week, to help all LCC students with their writing assignments.
  • Writers Walk, a visual homage to great writers through the centuries. The opposite wall will feature student writing examples.
  • The Ernest Hemingway Conference Room named for one of the world's most notable authors who spent 22 summers in northern Michigan.
  • Science Innovation Center where faculty can extend learning beyond the classroom by leading scientific activities that are creative and collaborative.
  • Science laboratories that rival the best labs for freshmen and sophomores in the nation.
  • Study and collaboration spaces on every floor.
  • Over 250 works of art (some by local artists and LCC faculty), photographs and other visual images with QR codes so those with smart phones can scan the codes and learn much more.
  • Vibrant color throughout the building, compelling wall murals, 3-D gypsum walls, artistic tiles, and more.

A public open house is planned for Saturday, October 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. featuring learning demonstrations for all ages, music, refreshments, and a celebration of the men and women who constructed the building.

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