Why LCC?

Our program is the Midwest's Best Aviation Technology Education and our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accredited program will prepare you for a successful and exciting career in this high-demand field. Here are just a few reasons why LCC is the place for you.

We are the Midwest's Best
Aircraft Maintenance Technicians are in high-demand across the country and around the globe. For the BEST education opportunity to put you ahead of the rest, begin your training with a storied program that is hands-down, the Midwest’s Best Aviation Technology Education!
We are Affordable
Our program is the BEST choice for students wanting careers in Aviation. We are the most affordable FAA accredited program in the state of Michigan. Our costs, including all fees, are less than half of what most other programs charge. Click here for more information on our program costs.
We have Top-Notch Facilities
Our state-of-the-art Aviation Technology Center just south of Lansing in Mason, MI at the Jewett Airfield is considered top-notch by the industry, educators and the community. Many say there is not a better program in the Midwest with better facilities.

Our Center is equipped with classrooms, a computer lab and separate bay workstations. All students learn on industry-current equipment and technology and work hands-on with large and small planes, turbine and jet engines, traditional aircraft construction, and advanced composite materials.
You can Finish Fast
In 24 months or less, our students become experts in aircraft maintenance and repair and are prepared to take the federal examinations.
We offer Hands-On Training
Step into the workforce prepared to thrive in your career after learning through real-world experience in our program. We will help you develop essential and critical skills necessary to succeed in this rewarding career with training in our large labs, classrooms and through innovative training models.
You can Transfer Your Credits & Earn Your Bachelors
Our program offers courses, degrees and certificates that transfer to either Western Michigan University or Siena Heights University for LCC students to attain their Bachelors of Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology.
You will Be Prepared to Get a Job
Our Job Referral Program helps graduates find the right job, right away. Many of our students are offered employment before they complete the program. Careers in aviation have a median salary of $55,210 with over 138,000 jobs available in the U.S right now!
We provide Financial Assistance
A lack of financial resources should not be a barrier to anyone in pursuit of higher education. Through our LCC Foundation and other Financial Aid options, many financial assistance opportunities are readily available to those who need it. Here at LCC, we will take a personal approach to determining your eligibility for assistance.
Our Faculty are Awesome
Led by program director, Mark Bathhurst, our faculty and staff in the Aviation Technology program are highly skilled and trained to deliver the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology and teaching techniques. All of our instructors have real-world experience in aviation and use that experience to ensure that your training is the Midwest's Best!