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Placement Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to take these tests?

The majority of LCC courses require prerequisite levels in order to register. These levels have three categories: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Level prerequisites are in place as a way of ensuring that a student is prepared to handle the content of the course. By taking the placement tests you will receive levels that will allow you to register for certain classes at LCC.


Can I waive the placement tests?

If you have completed the ACT or SAT you may be able to waive placement testing and receive levels based on your score.  Please click here for information on submitting test results for placement levels.

If you have a degree, need placement levels based on courses taken (including AP or CLEP), or if you want to take a class whose prerequisite course you took at another college, then please visit the Waiver Team Webpage.


Are there any study guides to help me prepare for these tests?

The Official ACCUPLACER Study App has sample questions for the Reading and Math sections of the placement tests.  It offers direct feedback and explanations of correct answers.  This free app can be used on both computers and phones.  Click here to access the ACCUPLACER Study App.

Click here for the Accuplacer Sample Questions packet. This is a free PDF file and includes a brief description of each test along with sample questions.

The WritePlacer Guide has sample essays representing the full range of possible scores.

Additional math questions can be found at the Mathematics Department website.
The LCC Library has links to additional websites and resources.


Where do I go to take the tests?

If you are testing at the Main Campus, you will need to go to the Placement Testing Center, located in the Gannon Building, StarZone.
Map of Main Campus

LCC also has placement testing at our Off Campus Learning Centers and West Campus. Please click on a location below for information regarding testing hours, scheduling, and location.
West Campus
LCC East
Livingston County Center at Parker Campus, Howell
Center for Workforce Transition - Capital Area Michigan Works!


I am not in the Mid-Michigan area. How do I take my tests?

You may set up a proctor in your area or use a virtual proctoring service.

Usually another college or university in your vicinity will have a testing center. You will want to check with them first to make sure they are willing to proctor your tests, collect their contact information, then completely fill out our Placement Test Proctor Request Form.

If you have access to a computer with a web camera, audio, and a high-speed internet connection in a quiet and distraction fee location you may be able to use virtual proctoring to take your placement tests.  There is a $25 fee for this service (paid to the proctoring provider).  Click here for more information information or to fill out the request form.


How many tests are there?

There are three assessment subjects (reading, writing, and math). Math may give an additional test. If you are taking all subjects in one sitting, you will take 3 or 4 tests.


What do I need to bring with me?

A picture ID is the only item required in order to test. In fact, no other outside materials are allowed at your testing station. We will provide you with scrap paper. No hand-held calculators are allowed, although a "pop-up" calculator is available on screen for certain questions.


What should I expect when I sit down to test?

The tests are computerized and include an essay and multiple choice reading and math tests. After the completion of one test, you will automatically move on to the next. While testing, no outside materials are allowed, your cell phone must be completely turned off, and there is to be no talking. You will be monitored to ensure that you are following these guidelines. Only the WritePlacer (essay) has a time limit. For the multiple-choice tests, you are encouraged to take your time and read through each question carefully.


Can I use a calculator for the math test?

No hand-held calculators are allowed, although a "pop-up" calculator is available on screen for certain questions.


How long will the tests take? Is there a time limit?

There is not a time limit on any of the Accuplacer tests. You are strongly encouraged to take their time. In general, each test takes around 30 to 45 minutes.  If you can, please plan on testing on a day when you will have ample time to complete your tests.


When will I receive my results?

As soon as you are finished with your test you will receive your scores and review them with an Assessment employee.


My primary language is not English. Will I be taking different tests?

If English is not your primary language, you may start with tests that will give you an ESOL Level, which is based on the results of two placement tests in reading and language usage. This ESOL Level, along with the results of a listening test, then determine what ESOL classes you are eligible to register for. If you have a high score on the first ESL tests, you will automatically take the tests which could give you "college ready" placement levels. See the next question for more information about "college ready" levels.


What levels are considered "passing"?

These tests are not considered pass/fail. Based on your score, you will receive a level which determines which classes you may take. LCC has courses for every skill level.
There are "college ready levels" which allow a student to start in classes that will gain credit towards the core requirements of the college. Those levels are: Reading (5), Writing (6), and Math (6)


Do I need to take all of the tests at once?

No. You may split up the three tests for different days or in order to take breaks in any way you wish. Keep in mind that you may leave the room for short breaks during your test.


What if I cannot finish my tests before I have to leave?

You must finish the WritePlacer essay in one sitting; however, you can resume any multiple-choice test within 10 days.  If you have to leave during your test you will get an "open session form." You will need to bring that form back to complete your test. All of your work up to that point will be saved.


What are my next steps after testing?

All new students who are seeking a degree or transfer must attend an orientation. Also, to ensure that you are on the right path to complete your educational goals, you may meet with an advisor. Click the links below for more information.



Can I retest?

Yes, but you are only allowed two attempts per test within the last 12 months. You may only take each test once in a day. If you have used up your attempts, you may contact the Center for Transitional Learning for authorization for a reading or writing third attempt or the Mathematics Department for an additional math attempt.


Is there a way for me to look up my test scores?


  1. Log into myLCC
  2. Click on the "Profile" tab
  3. On the right side of the screen you will see "Placement Test Scores"

Your placement test scores should be viewable within 24 hours.  Even though you may not be able to view your scores the same day as your test, you can still use them to register for classes that day (if registration is open).

Math and CORE Proficiency test scores and levels are viewable within 3 business days.  A score of 71% or higher is passing.

The Health Biology Proficiency Test (HBPT) is recorded as either a pass or fail; a score of 1 is passing and a score of 0 is failing.


Can I send my LCC placement test scores to another institution?

We will not send your placement scores to another institution.  Our placement tests are designed for placement into LCC courses.  We suggest you contact the school that you wish to attend and ask them how to go about taking their tests.  If you are in need of a local proctor to take your tests please visit our site below for more information.
Non-LCC Proctoring Services


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