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Faculty Guidelines

The Testing Support Office (TLC 120) is available to faculty who require their student(s) to take an exam outside of the classroom. If you teach an online course or have a student who needs to make up an exam you can utilize the resources of the Testing Support Office.

Services for Faculty

Additional Information

Online Course Test Proctoring

Online instructors who have exams that need to be proctored should follow these guidelines:

  • Instruct students they can test at these locations:
    • Main Campus - Course Testing Center (TLC 104)
    • West Campus Student Services
    • Livingston County Center
  • Each student exam should have one coversheet
  • The coversheet should include all pertinent information:
    • Instructor's name
    • Class and section number
    • Materials Allowed
    • Time limit
    • Date for completion
    • Any special instruction
  • ONLINE COURSES ONLY: The Testing Support Office will send your tests off-campus to students who have successfully set up a proctor. Inform your students that they can find instruction as to how to do this by visiting our website,, and clicking on "Online Course Proctored Testing"
  • All online course exams must be submitted to the Main Campus Testing Support Office.  We will send exams to West Campus, Livingston County Center, and all approved proctored locations.
  • Students in hybrid courses cannot test off campus.
  • Exams should be dropped off at least 3 business days prior to the test availability date. This is to ensure processing time for exams that need to go to students testing off campus.
  • Exams must be dropped off in person by the instructor or department staff member. The only exception are tests that are entirely on Desire2Learn (meaning no attachments) which can be emailed directly to our online support office. Click here for instruction on emailing online exams
  • Passwords for online exams must either be provided in the text of an email or on a separate piece of paper. Please do not put the password on the coversheet.
  • Test extensions can be done over the phone (517-267-5503) or through email, We will not administer a test that is past the completion date without approval from the instructor.
  • Exams completed at main campus must be picked up in person in the Testing Support Office (TLC 120).  Exams completed off campus or at an extension center will be emailed to the instructor.

Make-up Tests

Test proctoring is available for make-up tests for face-to-face courses, but there is a limit to the number of tests that can be dropped off.

  • Only five exams (per test/per section) can be dropped off.
  • Be sure to have one coversheet for each test. (coversheets can be completed online or filled out in the Testing Support Office.
  • Make sure the coversheet is complete with each field filled out.
  • Exams must be dropped off in person by the instructor or department staff member. The only exception are tests that are entirely on Desire2Learn (meaning no attachments) which can be emailed directly to our online support office.
    Click here for instruction on emailing online exams
  • Completed exams must be picked up in person

Proctor Setup for Students Testing Off Campus

After submitting tests to the Testing Support Office, Instructors do not need to do anything for their students exams to be sent off campus. However, please inform your students who do need to set up a proctor that they will need to find a site in their area and fill out a request form. Please refer students to our Frequently Asked Questions page for instructions.

Also, we require that tests are submitted at least 3 business days before the availability date in part to ensure that they are sent to proctor sites in time for students to take.

NOTE: Students who are testing on campus DO NOT need to contact us to set up a proctor or an appointment. Their tests will be available on a walk-in basis after they are submitted and processed.

Requirements for Service

Each individual exam (i.e. each student's exam) should have its own complete and accurate coversheet.  We also encourage instructors to review our Faculty Guidelines.

What to tell your students

In order to serve students to the best of our ability, we ask that instructors inform their students on how they can be prepared to test at the Course Testing Center.

  • Tests will be given out up to one hour before closing time.
    • Our testing hours, in general, are:
      • Monday-Tuesday 8 am - 7 pm (close at 8 pm)
      • Wednesday-Thursday - 8am - 6 pm (close at 7 pm)
      • Friday - 8 am - 3 pm (close at 4pm)
      • Saturday - 9am - 3pm (close at 4 pm)
    • During the week of December 10, 2018, we will be open until 8 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, with the last test given at 7 pm.
    • Be sure to check our current hours.
  • A picture ID is required to test
  • Students may not leave the testing room until they are finished with their exam.  Encourage them to consider using the restroom before they come to the Course Testing Center.
  • Students should know this information:
    • Instructor Name
    • Course code (e.g. PSYC200, BIOL120)
    • Test Name (e.g. Test 1, Midterm, Quiz4)
  • Phones, if brought, will need to be shown to be completely turned off (not just on "silent")

In addition, always refer students to our Course Testing Page

When a student is caught cheating

When an incident occurs, Testing Services will submit a detailed description of the incident in the form of an incident report.  This report will be emailed to the instructor and the appropriate Associate Dean.  A report will also be submitted to the Office of Student Compliance.  In addition to the action the instructor chooses to pursue, the student will be required to meet with Student Compliance.  Instructors will have the option to provide input to Student Compliance regarding the incident report. Normally we will have a video recording available to view depending on the type of incident.

Services not provided for faculty

  • Exams for entire class groups that meet face to face
  • Score entry for courses
  • Exam grading
  • Course evaluations
  • Collecting or returning student journals, homework, and/or projects

Assessment Center at Lansing Community College

Testing Services

Course Testing Center - TLC 104
Placement Testing Center - GB StarZone

Phone: (517) 267-5500
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