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Teacher Preparation Program

What is the Job Market for Teachers?

News headlines are delivering conflicting messages for teachers these days. Is there really a shortage of teachers, or are teachers being laid off because of budget cuts? Well both statements are true. There is a critical shortage of teachers in states such as Florida, Virginia, Texas, Nevada, and California. In Michigan, new teachers are being hired every year, but the need is not as critical as elsewhere in the country. Many of our new teachers go out of state for their first job. Others plan ahead by preparing to teach in a high needs district (rural or urban) or earning certification in the subjects where a continuing need exists.

In Michigan, There is an Ongoing Need for Teachers in the Following Areas:

Urban and rural school districts

Elementary teachers with specialties in:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Early Childhood (ZA endorsement)
  • Mathematics
  • Reading/Language Arts
  • Science
  • Special Education

Secondary teachers with specialties in:

  • Business
  • Foreign Languages
  • Career and Technology Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Special Education

Tips for Maximizing Employment Potential

  1. Choose majors and minors wisely
    Certification in at least one of the subjects listed above will increase chances of finding the right job. But teachers should love what they teach, so students should not rule out other subjects. For programs that do not include one of the high-need specialties, tips #2 and #3 below are especially important.
  2. Be flexible
    Don't target one specific school district or one specific grade level. Take advantage of opportunities for experience in a variety of settings, and be sure to follow tip #3.
  3. Stand out
    When there are several candidates for a teaching position, school administrators look beyond certification requirements to the things that distinguish one applicant from the others. Be sure to document any of the following:
  • Academic Excellence. In order to meet the high standards being set for teachers today, a candidate must demonstrate a solid background in general education and the subjects he/she teaches, as well as skill in helping students learn.
  • Special Skills. Many employers are looking for candidates who have computer, photography, coaching, theater, music or other skills, as potential leaders of student clubs and extra-curricular projects. Spanish or another second language is also an advantage.
  • Community Service. Volunteer experience with any community service group - especially with school-aged children - is an important part of every resume.
  • Travel. Students should consider one of the study abroad programs available to teacher education students or spend a summer studying or providing community service in an environment that is different from their home town.

Did you know?
Michigan teachers are among the highest paid in the nation.
Michigan teacher certification is recognized in nearly every state in the country.

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