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Teacher Preparation Program
Education Coordinating Committee

The LCC Education Coordinating Committee is a collaboration between teacher preparation faculty and programs in the Liberal Studies Division (elementary and secondary education), the Department of Health and Human Service Careers (child development)) and the Office of Teacher Preparation.

Lansing Community College seeks to meet the growing need in our community and the nation for well-prepared and effective teachers.Our objective is to recruit and prepare a diverse group of students and to provide them with a comprehensive and pedagogically sound foundation for a career in education and for life-long learning. To that end, we endeavor to build and maintain partnerships with school districts, university teacher certification programs, and state education agencies to ensure that the experiences we provide our students reflect current research, standards, and practice.The outcomes of those experiences for our students shall be:


  • A broad-based knowledge of the world
  • An essential knowledge of multiple disciplines
  • A foundational knowledge of the content areas to be taught
  • An understanding of historical and current educational policies and issues
  • Familiarity with key educational concepts and practices
  • An understanding of student characteristics, diversity, and special needs


  • Proficiency in problem solving and inquiry-based learning skills
  • Ability to use various media and technology for information and instruction
  • Requisite skills for successful continuation of academic preparation


  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Caring and compassion
  • Passion for teaching
  • Respect for individual differences

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