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Applying to the Adult Resource Center grants
Eligibility for Adult Resource Center Grants
Approved Adult Resource Center students

Applying to Adult Resource Center

Q. How often should I apply for your tuition and/or child care grants?

A. Your application for any of our grants is good for one academic year, beginning with Fall semester. An academic year is defined as Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. You only need to apply once every academic year just like with your FASFA.

Q. Which application should I submit?

A. If you are looking for assistance with tuition apply for the Combined Single Parent, Displaced Homemaker, and Non-traditional Career  and Special Populations Grant (SPOPS)and the Women's Resource  (WR) Foundation Grant.  If you are looking for assistance with child care costs apply for the Child Care grant.

Q. How long does it take to process my application?

A. That depends on when you submitted your application and if you submitted all the documentation our office needs to determine your eligibility. Generally, our office starts reviewing new applicants a month before the upcoming deadline so we recommend that you contact our office, if you don't hear from us via mail, two weeks after the semester deadline date.

Q. Why do you require documentation every time I apply?

A. In order for our office to determine your eligibility you have to prove that you meet our income guidelines. That requires current documentation. Even if things have not changed since the last time you applied for a Adult Resource Program grant you must provide current supporting documentation.

Q. Are there any exceptions to Adult Resource Program deadlines?

A. No.

Q. My child is currently not in a day care. How do I find state licensed day care?


If you need assistance in finding a provider, visit the website of Great Start to Quality at

Q. What if my child care provider doesn't have a license number that is two letters followed by nine numbers?

A. The Child Care Grant is an LCC-funded grant and LCC's stipulation is that the provider must be state-licensed. If your child care provider doesn't have a license number that is two letters followed by nine numbers, then your child care provider isn't state licensed and will not be able to receive monies from our grant.

Q. Can I still get Adult Resource Program help if I am in default on a student loan?

A. Yes, but you still have to file a FASFA.

Q. I am living with my boyfriend, who is supporting me and our child. Should I consider him my spouse and include his current check stub?

A. No. Because you are not legally married our office would consider his support to be that of a friend or family member, in which case, we would need a signed and dated letter from him that details the kind of support he is providing.

Q. Can I apply for other scholarships and grants?


Eligibility for Adult Resource Center Grants

Q. How do I know if I am eligible?

A. You will receive an email after your application has been reviewed by our student support specialists. If your address has changed, call our office at 517-483-1199 or click here to submit your change online. You must also contact Enrollment Services to update your LCC student account.

Q. If I know that I am going to be denied the Pell Grant, why must I file a FASFA and receive an answer to be funded under the Adult Resource Center tuition grants?

A. It is a Federal requirement of the Adult Resource Center tuition grants that all other federal sources of financial aid be exhausted before Adult Resource Program can fund a student. We satisfy this requirement by having all our potential students file a FASFA.

Q. Will I still be eligible for the Child Care Grant if I am not eligible for either tuition grant?

A. You may be eligible for one grant and ineligible for another. Each grant has different eligibility criteria.

Q. Why am I required to complete a career assessment? I already know what I want to do.

A. Because Adult Resource Center grants are for students who are pursuing a career-oriented program, the Federal government requires a career assessment from each applicant before Adult Resource Center can fund a student. This also allows our office to be sure that you are in tune with your specific career goals.

Q. What will make me ineligible for Adult Resource Center assistance?

A. Ineligibility varies from student to student but there are some key requirements that you should look out for. Reasons for ineligibility are not limited to the below list.
  • Do not submit an application without any documentation, even if you have applied in previous semesters.
  • Do not submit a Child Care grant application without a state license number (two letters followed by nine numbers).
  • Do not submit your application after the deadline date for that semester.
  • You must meet the grants' gross income criteria.
  • Do not miss any Deadline requirements
    You will receive notice of deadlines if you are missing documentation or information.  You will also receive notice of deadlines for Placement tests, Career Assessments, Financial Aid awards or denials, and Course Approval Appointments.


Approved and Funded ARC students

Q. I received an email that says I need a Course Approval Appointment (CAA). What is a CAA and why do I need to do it every semester?

A. A Course Approval Appointment or a CAA is a federal requirement that must be satisfied in order to receive funding from our office. At your CAA you meet with a Adult Resource Center student support specialist to talk about your upcoming semester and what the grant can do for you. You must have a CAA every semester to enable the staff to discuss your academic progress and approve your classes for the upcoming semester.

Q. What if I want to add a class that was not approved or drop a class that was approved by a Adult Resource Program student support specialist?

A. Speak to a Adult Resource Center student support specialist if you make any changes in your schedule.

Q. What if I want to take a class that isn't approved by Adult Resource Center?

A. To receive funding for tuition from our office you must be registered for only the courses that were approved by Adult Resource Center staff. If you take a class that isn't approved you risk losing all Adult Resource Center tuition.

Q. The classes I need for my program fill up fast but my Course Approval Appointment isn't scheduled for another few weeks. Can I sign up for classes before my CAA?

A. Yes, if you know which classes you need to reach your goal, register for them as soon as you can. Changes can be made to your schedule, if needed, after you have your CAA. If you are unsure of which classes to register for contact an Academic Advisor at 517-483-1904.


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