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Women's Resource (WR) Foundation Grant

The Women's Resource Foundation Grant is made possible through contributions from individual community members and organizations including Capital Region Community Foundation, Okemos Presbyterian Church, Peoples Church, Zonta Club of Michigan Capita Area, and Zonta Club of Lansing. 

Click the link below to download the application the Combined Tuition Grant for the Single Parent Displaced Homemaker and Non-Traditional Career Trainee and Women's Resource Foundation Grant.


1- These financial awards for Lansing Community College are for individuals whose education has been interrupted and whose high school class graduated six years ago or more. The award includes up to $ 850.00 (Fall/Spring), $ 680.00 (Summer) for tuition; $ 25.00 registration fee and course fees up to $ 200.00 for WR approved courses.

2 - Students are required to submit the application for federal financial aid (Pell Grant). If you are eligible for and are receiving the Pell Grant , and it is insufficient, you may, in some cases, receive assistance from the WR Foundation Grant. If you are awarded the Pell Grant after receiving the WR Grant, the monies from the Pell Grant will be deducted to reimburse tuition and registration fees we have paid for that semester and you will receive the remainder, if any.

3 - Grant recipients must be willing to allow their residency status (in or out of district, etc). course taken, grades, completion of certificate or degree and the amount of grant awarded to be made available to those donors requiring this information for their records.


The family's gross income must not exceed:

$ 19,000

self with no dependent

$ 25,000

self with one dependent

$ 27,000

self with two dependents

$ 29,000

self with three dependents

$ 31,000

self with four dependents

Add $ 2,000 for each additional dependent

Dependents: The number in the family who are claimed on the income tax return or children for whom you have custody or joint custody.

5 - Recipients of the grant awards will be selected on the basis of need and demonstrated interest in attending LCC. Awards are made in the form of a waiver for tuition. No cash is awarded. AWARDS ARE BASED ON THE AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS. Those in greatest need will be served first.

6 - This award is designed to assist students in obtaining their educational/ occupational goal. Eligible courses include those taken toward a certificate or an Associate Degree, job oriented courses, those taken for transfer, and Student Development courses.

7 - Students who have taken other LCC classes must have a grade point average of 2.0  or above and must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. Withdrawals ("W") and Incompletes ("I") may affect eligibility. No Repeat ("R")  classes will be funded unless approved by a WRC staff member.

8 - Applicants must not have attempted more than 70 semester credits from any college or university.

9 - Grant recipients are required to complete Reading and Writing Skills Assessments and meet with an advisor in the Adult Resource Program for a course approval appointment.

Note: According to federal guidelines, those with the greatest financial need will have priority.

Adult Resource Center at Lansing Community College

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