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Thank you for your interest in the coalition. At C3R, partners are defined as support organizations and individuals committed to collaborating in a coordinated effort to achieve the goals of:

  • Identifying gaps between high school and first-year college skills and career readiness.
  • Improving college readiness and reducing the number of high school students in the tri-county area that require developmental coursework.
  • Increasing academic success for P20 students in the tri-county area.
  • Creating best practices that can be adapted with fidelity and used across the tri-county area resulting in college and career readiness.

C3R provides information and resources for education professionals who serve students from birth through the workforce. This initiative brings together P20 constituencies, business and industry, and the community to address the preparedness of tri-county area students for college and the workforce.

C3R hosts tri-annual summits and Action Team meetings throughout the year. Feel free to contact us if you have questions, comments and or suggestions.

Begin your partnership today!

Return completed C3R Partner Agreement Forms to Ann Coe at

Coalition for College and Career Readiness

Coalition for College and Career Readiness (C3R)
Washington Court Place, Room 150
Phone: (517) 483-9658
Fax: (517) 483-9703
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