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Preparing For Your Appointment

Your academic advisor at LCC is committed to assisting you with creating an educational plan that will reflect your career and academic interests. It is important to be prepared for your academic advising appointments, as well as maintain regularly scheduled advising appointments during your time here.

What to bring to your academic advising appointment:

  • Pen & Paper/Notebook - Writing things down will help you think about what you are learning and help you to remember details and deadlines.
  • Any Official Communications You've Received from the College - This can include items like Financial Aid communications or institution communications that affect your academics.
  • The Curriculum Guide You are Following - Bringing the curriculum guide you are following will help to ensure that we understand the program you are interested in and can guide you with the best accuracy in case there have been any changes to the program or prerequisites.
  • Transcripts from other Institutions -

    Please bring any copies that you have of your academic transcripts from other institutions so that we can informally assess courses you have already taken to help you avoid repeating any courses unnecessarily.  Please ask each of those schools to send an official copy of your transcript to the Registrar’s Office at LCC for formal evaluation to officially determine and award any applicable transfer credit.

  • Career Assessment Results - If you have participated in a career assessment here with our Career & Employment Services department or another place, please bring a copy of your assessment results. This will help guide you in the right direction based on the program that may best fit your passion.
  • Schedule of Other Commitments - Many of our students have other commitments and we want to help you select the right classes at the right times to fit your schedule. Please bring schedules of your other commitments and/or obligations to this appointment.

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Academic Advising Center at Lansing Communtity College

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